Monday, November 26, 2012

Joe Spinell (1936-1989)


Oh you know him.  You just don't know it.

With the upcoming remake of Maniac (1980), word should be getting around about this legendary character actor.  The remake stars Elijah Wood and I just don't see how he's gonna pull it off.  He's got to fill the shoes of Joe Spinell?!?!?!?  JOE SPINELL!!!

I hope he can pull it off, but my expectations are pretty low.  Anyway, here are a few screen caps of the man, himself, and a video tribute courtesy of you tube enjoy.

Joe in Taxi Driver

Joe is Star Crash

Joe in The Seven-Ups

Joe in Rocky

Joe in The Ninth Configuration
Joe in Nighthawks
Joe in Maniac
Joe in Godfather II
Joe in Godfather

Joe on You Tube

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