Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Town 2010

2010's The Town has got to have set some kinda record.  


The Blu-ray format has already started to double dip on some of the earliest released Blu-ray titles.  Titles like Full Metal Jacket, Patton, Terminator 2 and The Fifth Element were all early releases (around 2006) that failed miserably to take advantage of the new formats capabilities.  The double dip on these titles was expected and necessary.  Ben Affleck's The Town was released in 2010.  I have never been a fan of Mr 'fleck (Ben Who 'fleck? -Mango SNL) .  I was not particularly impressed with his collaboration with Matt Damon and no one was impressed with Daredevil...or Gigli, for that matter.  

This DVD cover is teh cool.

Fast forward to 2012. I'm minding my own business.  I finally get around to picking up The Friends of Eddie Coyle on DVD.  Somebody left a copy on the interwebs which I had been enjoying for about a year.  (I'll be doing some kinda bloggy write up on that one, soon.)  So,...I do my customary search of the blogosphere for any kinda write ups and opinions on this particular masterpiece.  Come to find out, Mr Who Fleck is a massive fan of Eddie Coyle and this movie served as a major inspiration for The Town.  Me thinks, "Reeeeallly?"  So I give The Town a shot.  LOVED IT!!!  If someone wants to say it sucked,...I'm ok with that, but I had a good time.  Time to pick up the Blu-ray, right?  Turns out there are 3 different copies available on Blu.  If you could capitalize numbers, that 3 would have been.  THREE!!!  3 different Blu releases for a movie that came out less than 2 years ago.  Whose idea was this?  Who's triple dipping on this release?  Why isn't Sorcerer on Blu?  Why am I buying a Ben Who Fleck movie? 

Anyway, here are the covers...for those of you who don't believe me.'s funny.  I'm typing "those of you" like anyone is even reading this blog. 

No one's reading this...I loved Gigli.



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