Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kiss of Death (1995)

What a great flick.  Loosely based on the 1947 film noir of the same name, Kiss of Death is a great crime thriller with an absolutely amazing cast.  

I've never seen the original.  I'm sure that those who have would say that the original is better.  To that, I say, "Nicholas Cage."  

Nick Cage (Little Junior) would have probably been heralded as some ridiculous heretical lunatic acting god in the 40's.  Actually, some consider him as such, now.  The man is bench pressing strippers, sucking on an inhaler and method acting a man out of an eighteen wheeler, head first into the concrete.  Exactly how film fans love him. Out of control.  

I'd give you a rundown of the rest of the cast, but I don't really like to type.  Check it out on IMDB. It's impressive.  Now, consider that David Caruso was given top billing over all of them.  He's not half bad, in the movie, but it just doesn't look right, on paper. 

David Caruso (Jimmy Kilmartin) plays an ex con who is drawn back into "one last job" out of a debt of gratitude.  Then, (didn't see this coming) everything goes wrong.  More jail time, personal tragedies and a second chance later, Jimmy is working undercover to help catch Little Junior for the DA.  

This one is dark, gritty, street level fun that everyone should enjoy.

I'm going on record as saying, "I love this movie". 


  1. B.A.D: Balls. Attitude. Direction. Great 90s crime film!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Pete. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't reply to comments. Turns out it's some problem with Firefox. I haven't used Internet Explorer in probably over a decade.