Friday, December 7, 2012

The Executioner (Murder Mafia Style) (1978)

"-We don't even know that's Chuckie's finger. 
-That's his finger, allright.  I seen it on him a million times."

I present the Mob/Exploitation masterpiece, Duke Mitchell's The Executioner.

Duke Mitchell used to be part of an entertainment duo known as a knockoff of the Martin and Lewis act. I guess he was pretty successful.   Fast forward to 1972.  Duke sees The Godfather and decides, "I can do that."  So he does.  You gotta give the guy some credit.  He wanted to make a movie, so, he sinks his life savings into the endeavor.  That takes guts.  Unfortunately, guts don't equal talent.

Now, some movies, you just gotta let some things slide.  There's gonna be a lot of sliding here, folks.

Duke (writer/director/producer/star), billed here as Dominic Micelli, puts together a film that does not fail to astound.  Not in the same way as The Godfather, mind you.  This is a whole different "astound".

Duke's character, Mimi, after having been deported to Italy with his crime boss father, decides it's time to come back to America and reestablish his family name to the streets.  Usually, one man doesn't just show up and take over the mob, but Mimi, more or less, does.  Of course, bodies start to mount up, mobsters feel slighted and things, generally, start to back fire.

Duke takes care to write in a few juicy pro-Italian monologues for himself and then spends the meat of the movie desecrating his heritage.  All in good fun, I'm sure.

Now, this movie is equal parts Exploitation as it is Mob movie, and those exploitation elements are grand.  I will not spoil these scenes for you, since the "shock" of these elements are a huge part of the fun of experiencing this film.

Try to track this one down.  If, for no other reason, just to say you saw it. 


  1. I honestly love this film. I know its low budget and everything but it's so authenticin how the mafia underworld is depicted. The trailer for it is one of my favorites too and the film delivers what it promises.

  2. We spent some time talking about this movie and Duke Mitchell in the latest episode of our podcast. If you're interested you can check it out at