Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nighthawks (1981)

When it comes to naming characters, Sly Stallone has got to be the most creative and cool cat on the planet.  Lets take a look...

Paradise Alley - Sly Stallone as...Cosmo Carboni
Cobra - Sly Stallone as...Marion Cobretti
Over the Top - Sly Stallone as...Lincoln Hawk
Demolition Man - Sly Stallone as...John Spartan
The Specialist - Sly Stallone as...Ray Quick
Daylight - Sly Stallone as...Kit Latura
and now I give you...

Nighthawks -  Sly Stallone as....DEKE DASILVA!!!

Deke DaSilva
Deke DaSilva.  I just love saying that.  Try it.  Here.  I'll type it again so you can say it with me.  Deke DaSilva.

This name gave writer David Shaber the opportunity to pen such classic lines as

"Deke, you shoulda taken the shot."
"Deke, what are you doing back here?"

I'd venture to say that you could add the name Deke to the beginning of any classic movie line and create, yet another, equally classic line.

Deke, I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.
Deke, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore.
Deke, May the force be with you.

See what I mean?

So, Nighthawks is a great action/crime thriller from the early 80's.  I get the sense that it just doesn't get the love it deserves.  To be honest, I'd more or less forgotten about it until I found the DVD sitting on a used dvd shelf a few years back.

Sly and his cop buddy Lando Calrissian are two tough New York cops who are selected to be trained in anti terrorist techniques in anticipation of the arrival of international terrorist Wulfgar, played by Rutger Hauer.  I believe this was Rutger's first english speaking role and predates his role in Blade Runner by a year.

Man, Rutger is one ruthless villian in this movie. Blade Runner, Nighthawks and his role as The Hitcher in 86 pretty much solidified his place, in my mind, as the ultimate bad guy for the 80's.

We get an appearance by Joe Spinell and The Bionic Woman, herself, Lindsay Wagner

Blood, shoot outs, an airborne bus, explosions, and Helicopter vs. Sky Tram!!!

I thought the soundtrack on my DVD seemed odd.  Did a little research.  Turns out second release had some copyright issues, so some of the music was replaced. The original DVD has the original soundtrack but it is a full frame vhs port.  So, take your pick.

Nighthawks 1981
I rate it 9 out of 10 Deke's

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