Saturday, December 8, 2012

Made (2001)

-Are you strapped?
-What, motherfucker?
-It means are you carrying a gun.
-I know what the fuck "strapped" means! What's up with this 21 Jump Street shit, man?

Made stars Jon Favreau (Bobby) and Vince Vaughn (Ricky) in what feels like a buddy-cop movie.  Except, it's a buddy-wannabe-criminal movie.  Actually, it a buddy-inept-wannabe-criminal movie.  This movie is hilarious!

Two childhood friends on the fringes of the crime world, decide to take a chance on a life of serious organized crime.  It could be the change they need.  Crime is easy, it's their friendship that could kill them.

Peter Falk stars as the local crime boss who decides to give the boys a shot.  This may be Falk's greatest role.  I would equate it to Burt Reynolds role in Boogie Nights.  Everyone ends up asking "Where has this guy been for the last 15 years?"

The gist of the movie revolves around  Bobby doing his best to take this opportunity seriously and Ricky doing his best to "roll hard" in the glamourous gangster role and screwing everything up in the process.

We get a few Sopranos alums to add a little hollywood crime authenticity, and Vince Vaughn at his ad libbing best.  Enjoy. 

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