Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prime Cut (1972)

Prime Cut turned 40 this year.  It's a bizarre little sleazy 70's mob movie that, well..., you just gotta see it.

Lee Marvin plays a badass enforcer (totally cast against type) for the Chicago Irish mob who is sent to America's heartland to collect money from Mary Ann (Hackman), who is holding out on the mob.

Most of the action takes place in Kansas City. Where is that?  Kansas (is that too obvious a guess?)?  Utah?  Oklahoma?
Well, wherever it is, they've got county fairs, first place ribbons, pie eating contests and women in pig pens.

More highlights?...Hackman at his slimy-grinning-mustachio-ed best, Sissy Spacek at her young, tender best, car vs wheat baler, and Lee Marvin almost gets stabbed to death with a weiner.

We also get some nice down-home insults thrown about like...

"You old cheese..."
"You old weevil, you..."
"You old...sow belly..."
"You cot'damn cow dung!!!" 

Everyone is reluctant to use their guns in this movie until the final climactic shoot out.  Who knew that a sunflower field could be so exciting?  All set up against the backdrop of an impending storm.

Lalo Schifrin goes bluegrass.  Check it out!!!


  1. One of the truly great and unexpected crime films of the 70s!

    1. Hey le0pard!!!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me.

  2. Nice pick! This one is so strange it's almost surreal, but it's a lot of fun. Can't go wrong with Hackman and Lee Marvin.

    1. Hey Brent!!!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and becoming my first follower. I'm obviously not a professional writer, but I love movies and i am honoring them in my own style. I'm a huge fan of Criminal Movies blog!!!